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How I successfully did a mid career switch at 38 years old

1) Mental clarity on what you want out of the job is really important. It helps you list out what you really want out of the job, we are not talking about being picky about a job but what are the lines that you are willing to compromise. The possibility to get that perfect job is only possible if you even know what the perfect job is. I did my own reflection and realise that I really just want to change to another job that is less operational based. I want slightly more flexibility and thus the possibility to take care of my family needs over my job. There are definitely alot of options to get there but many times it usually mean a freelance or part time job which may or may not mean a continual income or at a timing that can accomodate your family needs.  2) Once you understand where you are, then you need to firm reasonable expectations for the new job, in terms of money and job scope.  So I really come to accept how there is a cost to everything and I was willing to accept a paycut