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I completed my CS50x in 3 months and sharing of my brainstormed ideas for final project

It is official!! I submitted my final project and completed the CS50x: Introduction to Computer Science. I completed the week 9 assignment last Friday. The assignment involves building a web browser on Flask that allowed users to register, log in, view profiles, quote stock prices through an API on an exchange site and lastly make transactions of buying or selling of the stocks. This project really took a while as I was not familiar with HTML and CSS. I am lucky that this project makes use of python and SQL, which I am more comfortable with, instead of javascript.  I started on some projects ideas this Monday. Idea 1 - a table form to get students' input for their multiple choice question answers.  I teach tuition and do not want to mark their MCQ, scrolling through their pages. I had tried google form but find it tedious to key in the answers for 40MCQ in order for the students to know the correct answers after they had submitted their results. However google form is useful that i