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Into week 8 of Harvard CS50x course

A month had gone by since my last update. I am proud to say that I am still working on my CS50x courses though it has been pretty slow this month as I have more engagements this month in June. A quick check that I submitted my first project on 23 April and currently two months later I had completed all the lessons up to week 7. I had thought I could have gone faster but the C programming is really demanding. I got my streak after week 5 as week 6 is on python and week 7 is on SQL. I had more prior practice through the Udemy courses and thus I was able to power through the task faster. 

So if you had been progressing slowly, fear not! The time will come when you can progress faster is the encouragement I want to tell you however in week 8, it is on web development languages such as javascript, HTML and CSS. I realise how hard it is to really work with another language. I had done at least half a year of python prior to this thus I was able to complete the task quicker. In week 8, I look at the task and knew it is not that difficult but it feels like there is quite a bit of reading to do. My strategy will be to start thinking of a project that I can build using the codes I had written for the tasks. I had looked at some of the final projects and feel I do not need to complicate the tasks too much. It should be functional enough and that should be enough. 

The minimal timeframe to complete the course was about 3 months and I had been ambitiously thinking I can complete it faster. So far I had been progressing at a reasonable speed and I really hope it can finish it quickly enough.