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Tips on finding time to learn

We have so many distractions nowadays so it is a challenge to find time to learn anything?? There are also so many excuses you can give yourself such as that video to watch or tv series to catch.  Here are a few tricks I used myself. The concept to find time to do anything is really to make the learning progress more efficient, more effective and as fuss-free as possible in order to save on the time spent on them.  1) Speed listening to audiobooks Train yourself to speed listen at 1.5x --> 1.75x --> 2x  This means you can finish the same content 2x the time! Ever since I had trained myself to do this, I was able to go through books so much faster. I find that I understand more than when I read the book. Maybe cos I do not know how to speed read yet, I tend to scan rather than speed read thus I do not recall the content as much. However, when you listen to an audio at 2x speed, you really had to focus and that effectively helped with the retention of the content.   2) Speed listen