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My reflection after watching "3 Simple Questions to Figuring Out What You Want From Life" & "Techniques to Hit Your Top 3 Goals Faster | Vishen Lakhiani

Recently as I had finished my upskilling course in Jan and after coming to terms that I want to find a job to practice what I had just learned, I started receiving information about job openings from people in my network. As I took up meditation, I take this as a strong sign that I am going in the direction that I need to take. However, I felt anxiety as I am still trying to figure out how I can do my work and not sacrifice my parenting duties. I am worried that I am being greedy and trying too hard.

I wanted to do meditation but wondered if I should watch something else instead. I find writing down and reflecting on the video more useful and effective to get me to understand the concepts taught. 

The first videos on 3 simple questions to figuring out what you want from life. He shared about Means Goals vs End Goals. How means goals usually ends with "so" while end goals are usually a kind of feeling. He then shared the questions to ask yourself and made you perform do a reflection exercise based on the questions he gave. With each section having only 3 minutes. 

This is my result. It is interesting how what I want seems really simple and straight forward when written down.

In the second video, Techniques to Hit Your Top 3 Goals Faster

My top 3 goals in my life (I pick my goals from my previous exercise) 

1) To be able to spend time with my family and friends 

2) Have time to explore and feel the world

He shared on where he got his learning from, to access the alpha state. We can access alpha state through mediation and many other means. During alpha state, visualizing our goals, make positive statements about them and reflect on the outcomes that you want. 

From Neil and Michael, "Remember that your life is not about you." Know that the universe reflects back to you who you are and what you want. Know that you are chosen by the universe. Operate on a life on serving. 

From Lisa, our outcomes must fill us with with positive emotions and from Marie, is to accept uncertainty. 

He frequently shares about his story and it was at this juncture I heard about his mention of parenting woes. He shared about his original idea that success come from hard work thus when he had to give up time for parenting duties, "success eluded me" and that is also the time his company experience losses. He went on to mentioned how we can have it all but we have to change our frame of reference. He changed his from success come from hard work to success comes when there is joy in work. When joy in work become his path to success, it became his new reality.

How to create new frame of references: 

1) Blissipline. It is made up from Bliss and Discipline. Discipline leads to Blissipline what you love to do is what is best for you. Blissipline happens when you dedicate yourself to achieve a goal, but enjoy the whole process. 

2) Immunity to Overwhelm. You are no longer burdened by thoughts of overwhelm. Multitasking becomes easy. 

He states that this is an illusion and we become locked down by it. Eg. If you believe that stress will be bad for your health then it will. Choose the rule that you want to set.

3) Win-win relationships. You are able to create a positive vibe and generate great energy with everyone in your life. This means all relationships are win-win and all interactions are infused with positivity and care. 

4) Inspiration On-demand: You are able to tap into ideas, inspiration and creativity on demand so that you become a source of innovation and creative output.

You can ask these questions when you are connecting with the universe: Show me who I need to become / Show me how to unite with my soul / Show me ways to heal my heart. 

5) Abundance: Whether it's financial or health, or love and life experiences, you start to see abundance emerging in all areas of your life. 

6) Flow and ease: Life flows almost as if it's blessed by luck and synchronicity. It almost feels as if you are held by a benevolent Universe. Universe has our back.

7) Bending reality: Your true wants seem to come to you with ease, life seems easier as you've been supported by a benevolent universe. 

To create these new identities, we can ask ourselves these questions during meditation:

He gave examples of questions that aligns with each of the 7 areas he shared above. I wrote down and also tried my hands on formulating the questions. Apparently he gone through like 30+ questions. 

Asking yourself a question allowed you to declare your intention to be of a certain state (without your mind nagging voice judging you) and set yourself up for inspiration to make this a reality. 

1) Why am I surrounded by bliss and happiness no matter what?

2) Why am I able to do so much in so little time?

3) Why am I always surrounded by love and amazing people whom I'm deeply connected to.

4) Why am I so brilliant, so genius and so able to tap into source for instant inspiration?

5) Why am I so good at making, keeping and multiplying money?

6) Why does the universe always have my back?

7) Why do my dreams and goals come to me with such ease and speed?

My question:

Why am I so good at taking care of my family? 

Why do I have such a clear vision of what I want?

So I am supposed to apply these question at phase 4 of his 6 phase mediation. Had not done so but I hope to update on any positive outcomes. If you have the time, I highly recommend that you gone through his videos to learn about the 6 phase mediation.