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A log of Big M recess snack

Big M had attended and enjoyed her school very much however the only venture she had of buying herself anything during recess break was just a milo drink. In case you are not from Singapore, milo is a chocolate malt drink. It cost her $1 to get that, she loves it cos it is cold. Thus my attempt to buy from supermarket (in order to save money) did not work. We discussed on why she should not be getting too much cold drink, grandma's health advice that I am passing on -- too much cold drinks will result in cough. We finally decided on giving her only $3 per week and she gets to decide which 3 days she would buy and get herself a cold milo drink. So far she has been abiding by it. However as she did not purchase her meal from the canteen, citing reasons such as "I do not know what each store sells.", "I do not know if the food sold is spicy.", "I scared I do not have enough money.", "I scared I have no time to finish my food.", I have to wake up early to prepare to pack small snacks for her. 

I decided that the time will come that she is able to eat quick enough and she will love to buy food of her own choice at the canteen. There is no rush.

She had requested sausage bread at first. So I will heat up cocktail sausages and stuff them in hotdog buns. Easy peasy. Then I got guilty seeing how much processed meat she is eating. 

Asked her for more options. She said ham and cheese bread. And this she wants it in square bread minus the bread crust. >< So I bought hotdog bun and sandwich bread (so much bread at home...) just to make these two variety. However ham is still processed meat. ><

I remembered she like Japanese onigiri! So I cooked Japanese rice the night before. Cooled and store in the fridge. Steam it warm the next morning. Stirred in flavor (pork floss and sesame seeds / Japanese furikake), wet my hands and shape it into tiny balls. She loved this! But sigh... isn't pork floss and furikake still processed food. 

I had given up. I consoled myself that she ate an apple a day during her other snack break in school and she have proper meals at home for lunch and dinner. Still wondering what to swap or maybe I shouldn't beat myself up for giving her processed food.