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My reflection after watching "3 Simple Questions to Figuring Out What You Want From Life" & "Techniques to Hit Your Top 3 Goals Faster | Vishen Lakhiani

Recently as I had finished my upskilling course in Jan and after coming to terms that I want to find a job to practice what I had just learned, I started receiving information about job openings from people in my network. As I took up meditation, I take this as a strong sign that I am going in the direction that I need to take. However, I felt anxiety as I am still trying to figure out how I can do my work and not sacrifice my parenting duties. I am worried that I am being greedy and trying too hard. I wanted to do meditation but wondered if I should watch something else instead. I find writing down and reflecting on the video more useful and effective to get me to understand the concepts taught.  The first videos on  3 simple questions to figuring out what you want from life . He shared about  Means Goals vs End Goals. How means goals usually ends with "so" while end goals are usually a kind of feeling. He then shared the questions to ask yourself and made you perform do a r

A log of Big M recess snack

Big M had attended and enjoyed her school very much however the only venture she had of buying herself anything during recess break was just a milo drink. In case you are not from Singapore, milo is a chocolate malt drink. It cost her $1 to get that, she loves it cos it is cold. Thus my attempt to buy from supermarket (in order to save money) did not work. We discussed on why she should not be getting too much cold drink, grandma's health advice that I am passing on -- too much cold drinks will result in cough. We finally decided on giving her only $3 per week and she gets to decide which 3 days she would buy and get herself a cold milo drink. So far she has been abiding by it. However as she did not purchase her meal from the canteen, citing reasons such as "I do not know what each store sells.", "I do not know if the food sold is spicy.", "I scared I do not have enough money.", "I scared I have no time to finish my food.", I have to wake up