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It's a wrap for 2021 and my New Year Resolution 2022

I shall start with what I had done in 2021. I feel everyone should make a list given that we don't know how much we had done until you had finally listed all of them down!
1. I tried to study and get M5 financial advisory certification and failed. 
I gained a greater appreciation for my financial advisor and questioned myself why we easily think we can do other's people jobs or worst, think that we can do it better.
2. I completed my parent volunteer hours for Big M's school admission to the primary school nearby.
I recognize how "work" feels like, it involves reporting at a certain time, and counting down the minutes till "work" is over. 
I have great respect for those grandparents who report at the same time as me to fetch their grandchildren every day "rain or shine". It is honourable "work". Anything that required consistency is. 
I learnt to keep my thoughts in check and not judge or impose my own ideas on others since I do not understand why that mommy is not working. In fact, I made that choice too so who am I to judge.
3. I reconnected with a secondary school and my 2 junior college friends. The Covid situation did not make meetup easy but I managed to talk more with my secondary school friend and update each other on a more regular basis. While for my JC friends, I always thought we had drifted and felt sad about it or even felt some unknown comparison going on. It is a recent conversation about working together that cleared the air for me. I was rejected by my friend cos she felt she rather still have me as a friend. I am so happy cos it means our friendship is still very much cherished.
I learnt to really stop comparing myself with others, it is never an apple to an apple. We are all different so there is no point in comparing!
4. I repaired two household appliances, my washing machine and my vacuum stick instead of buying new ones. I paid $500 (not sure but confirm less than $800) for the washing machine and bought a spare part of the vacuum stick for less than $100. I also repair the sole of a pair of Ecco shoes and it looks new. 
So repair, repair still can use la, reduce waste in this way.
5. I started exercising for 30 mins a day and tried intermittent fasting from April 2021. To date, I had lost 10kg and my weight has been maintained at 63kg. I am finally in a healthy weight range after the longest time. 
I am working on consistency and I have been able to sustain it. 
6. I started a blog and I had been committed to writing a post every week. 
I started this to improve my clarity in conveying my thoughts. Today as I met an EL teacher friend and I was praised for the way I spoke. I wonder if it is this writing exercise. Woohoo~ The long term goal is to turn this into a passive income generator. Still working on getting views. ^^ Thank you if you had been reading. 
7. I started a six-month programme to reskill myself on a data analyst job. I learnt python programming, SQL, Power BI and machine learning. I was being introduced to these topics and I am proud that I can understand them. I am definitely not proficient in them YET, and the keyword is YET. ^^ 
8. I started remote group tuition classes. I changed my relationship with tuition. I always felt as an educator, I should not make teaching transactional and I even felt bad thinking that only the rich can afford to engage a private tutor. I was also not confident to charge money for my teaching. 
I got a slap in the face when my friend told me any tom, dick and harry with no teaching experiences are teaching tuition. So with 10 years so of real teaching experience, I can definitely teach better than them. I am giving remote group classes so I was not charging exorbitant fees for my lessons so on those terms,  I am not catering to the rich. I understand these parents since I am one of them, we are willing to spend a few hundred per month on our child's learning. If I am unable to help your child with their content, I had to outsource and find external help. So there is nothing bad about it, in fact, because it is transactional, it does not drain on my goodwill to spend the time with them. It makes the whole session more engaged and intentional. It felt very nice to prepare my lessons and teach them the content. 
I thought I shall share this experience here, I met an ex-student whom I remembered having only cleared his N level and went on to ITE. He wore SP shirt and was reading in a chair in the library. A quick chat with him found out that he had moved on to SP after his ITE and after his NS, he will be studying electrical engineering at NTU. I told him how proud I am and he must keep it up. I left to pick up books for my girls and he ran out to find me as I was leaving that level. He wanted to apologise for how he did not study hard under me and felt I had a big part to play in his pursuit in the field of science now. I thanked him for that acknowledgement and forgave him for what he had done to give him a piece of mind off. And told him that he should be proud of his hard work and determination and not let the past hold him back. 
I wanted to share this story on record as a way to remind myself how the universe answers my question of whether I had been a good teacher. With him, I definitely am a good teacher. 
9. I sold a commissioned crochet blanket to a friend and made two crochet tops for myself. 
It was a learning experience since I spend a long time working on it every day. My crocheting speed is not really flying and my friend loves it. I only bought one new top in 2021 and am very proud of my "slow-fashion" (crocheting wearables). 
10. I levelled up my cooking skills, I prepare lunch and dinners at least 5 days a week. And I even tried my hands baking macarons and chiffon cakes. 
Wooah~ these are my 10 achievements for 2021. 
Moving on to my resolution!

My core desires for 2021 were: CALM, GROWTH, HEALTHY
I have been doing great for GROWTH and HEALTHY and is still growing on CALM.

My core desires for 2022: 
I learnt this from lito labs, you can catch their podcast on spotify #67 - Setting Wintentions.  
43mins onwards. 
1. How do you want to feel for the next 12 months? (thought dumping)
2. Find 3 emotions jumping at you! (can always change later) And these are my core desires for this 2022! 

Loving - with all my time with girl and to love everyone whole-heartedly
Creative - for coding and my crochet
Confident - in my own skins, that situation will all work in favor 

Things I want to do in 2022:
1. Letting go of the idea that spending time with my girl (these times will  not come again) means I have less time to work on my hobbies
2. Code an app
3. Continue the Instagram account for crochet items
4. Further my learning of python coding