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I started doing meditation in Dec 2021

In Dec 2021, I found an audiobook on NLB app called The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind. It really changes my scope of thinking and I got curious about the author. The author happened to be Vishen Lakhiani who is the founder of It is from there that I found the free guided mediation course given by him. There are 6 phases to the mediation and you learn one phase each day and eventually, you will go through all phases in a single mediation in about 18minutes.

His guided mediation is very useful, perhaps it is his voice, I find myself relaxing into it much quicker than just focusing on my own breathing. And maybe also cos there are questions to guide you, your mind do not wander around and make you feel the session become less effective. 

You can find the guided mediation here

The 6 phases you will go through are: 

1. Love and compassion 2. Gratitude 3. Peace 4. Vision 5. Sense of control 6. Feeling supported

If you go through the lesson then he actually shared the principle behind each phase and I do find it useful such that I do not feel like skipping any phase.

The love and compassion help me to extend and make the feeling of love more tangible, like this warmth that feels your chest. Then gratitude makes you smile and appreciate the things you have in the now. Being at peace means forgiving someone and I cried at one session thinking how I just want to feel enough in the presence of my friend. After that session, I felt so much better when thinking about the same friend. It is like a weight has been released. The vision gives me something to look forward to and the sense of control help me plan out my day. Lastly feeling supported give me strength that the day you plan will work out as you planned with all the divine interventions. This really gives you the confidence that the day will go well and that if it didn't, divine protection had made it better and that makes you feel better.

I do pray to god but this guided mediation makes me feel connected. It does sound scary but it is not a cult just a mental exercise.

Nowadays there is so much more emphasis on mental wellness. The understanding is that like how we exercise to train our muscles, we also need to practice to improve our way of thinking. The truth is that human beings form more bad thoughts than good ones and in our fast pace world where comparisons are so easy with just a click on our phone. Our bad thoughts can easily spiral out of control and if you keep thinking AKA practising on developing bad thoughts, eventually these are the only thoughts that come to your mind instinctively.

I am feeling the benefits of these mediation sessions, I did not do a session every day, I slowly cleared the 7 days programme on mindvalley and then subsequently just played the 18mins youtube video on days when I feel I want to be productive and calm. It worked and recently I find that I do not have people to forgive but rather thoughts and restrictive ideals that I had affixed on my younger self.

I am definitely feeling calmer right now and I want to work on feeling genuine love with no second thoughts for people that I care about. I like to experience being genuinely overwhelmingly happy when I feel that person is happy too! Now that must be a sure way to constantly feel like cloud nine right?

As always, I will update if I continue or stop eventually. For now, this is not a regular practice but I hope to see how I can include it in my routine.