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Which coding platforms to use as a beginner?

I had tried three: Pycharm, Jupyter Notebook, Visual Studio Code and so far I like Jupyter Notebook the most.  As part of my course with the BCG RISE programme, we made use of Jupyter notebook for all of our python codes.  You can get your version here:  Project Jupyter | Installing Jupyter From its website, it is free and it provides a web service for interactive computing across all programming languages.  What do I like about it?  It runs on the browser. It is fuss-free. The directory is straightforward to navigate since it is just like windows explorer. You can create folders within the directory page and in your folder, you can upload images or files that you will be using (meaning that all items are in the same folder) so that there is no need to list the full file path in order to use the files. You can easily change the entry to a markdown to write comments or long paragraphs of notes and include images to spice up the notebook.  This makes it very easy to structure and presen

Big M's first three weeks as Primary 1 student (a light hearted post)

It is term 1 week 3 of the academic school year and Big M has been enjoying herself in school. It always brings a smile to my face to see her wake up in the morning and start to prepare for school (she would laze around and need multiple alarms to wake her up fully during her kindergarten days and usually she is grumpy about it) and she looked genuinely excited and happy as we stroll to the school gate.  As I send her off, I notice that she would wave hello to the principal and teachers standing along the entrance gateway guiding the children. I was surprised cos I never taught her that nor model it. Erhmm, I don't really say hi to people that I don't know though I do greet my neighbourhood cleaner whenever I spot him at the void deck. Alright, guess that marks as modelling as well... Alright so I am very proud and happy that she did that! ^^ Ho Ho Ho, you are gonna be recognized and remembered by your teachers and principal soon cos who don't like a polite child who greets

I started doing meditation in Dec 2021

In Dec 2021, I found an audiobook on NLB app called The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind. It really changes my scope of thinking and I got curious about the author. The author happened to be Vishen Lakhiani who is the founder of It is from there that I found the free guided mediation course given by him. There are 6 phases to the mediation and you learn one phase each day and eventually, you will go through all phases in a single mediation in about 18minutes. His guided mediation is very useful, perhaps it is his voice, I find myself relaxing into it much quicker than just focusing on my own breathing. And maybe also cos there are questions to guide you, your mind do not wander around and make you feel the session become less effective.  You can find the guided mediation here .  The 6 phases you will go through are:  1. Love and compassion 2. Gratitude 3. Peace 4. Vision 5. Sense of control 6. Feeling supported If you go through the lesson then he actually

It's a wrap for 2021 and my New Year Resolution 2022

I shall start with what I had done in 2021. I feel everyone should make a list given that we don't know how much we had done until you had finally listed all of them down! 1. I tried to study and get M5 financial advisory certification and failed.  I gained a greater appreciation for my financial advisor and questioned myself why we easily think we can do other's people jobs or worst, think that we can do it better. 2. I completed my parent volunteer hours for Big M's school admission to the primary school nearby. I recognize how "work" feels like, it involves reporting at a certain time, and counting down the minutes till "work" is over.  I have great respect for those grandparents who report at the same time as me to fetch their grandchildren every day "rain or shine". It is honourable "work". Anything that required consistency is.  I learnt to keep my thoughts in check and not judge or impose my own ideas on others since I do not u