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My childhood favourite fantasy series: Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede


This is my love love love number 1 favourite fiction fantasy book!! I read this book during my  primary school day and it was totally by chance that I found the title. Since I found it as I scrolled through shelves of book in a library looking through the book cover arts.
What is this book about?
It is about the adventures of this princess, Cimorene, who is so unprincess-like. We have a lot more models like her nowadays. For example, Shrek's Princess Fiona is also an atypical princess character. 
Cimorene is very different from her sisters and she constantly tries to learn things of interest to her such as magic or sword skills (I was thinking if I am in that world, I would love to learn too!) However, all these attempts would be quickly stopped by her parents for being not proper. The fun starts when she runs away from an arranged marriage to become a dragon princess. She met Kazul who is a very wise female dragon. 
What do I love about the story?
I love Cimorene who is a very practical, confident and smart woman. She really challenges the idea that princesses are just pretty vases. 
The world is nicely illustrated and there are no too crazy characters to meet or events to happen since it is a world of fantasy. I love that! 
There are of course bad guys in the story but they are usually dealt with in a humorous way, it is a really clean (no horror or gore) and safe story for young teens. 
What I learn from it?
Like all girls, I love princesses.  But I had always been conscious that I was taller or darker than others. Cimorene made me feel more grounded, that I am not alone with my insecurities. This happened since I was born in an age when there was no internet for you google about everything. Not that google had not created other problems. From Cimorene, I learnt to go with the flow, read up to find solutions and that there are never issues that cannot be solved. 
Will I reread them?
Definitely! In fact, I found out that NLB has the audiobook version that was acted out by a whole cast of actors. That was such a great production! I really enjoyed the audio version.
If you love this series too, please comment and let me know. 
I shall take a one week break and continue on 8 Jan 2022!

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful year! May 2022 be better and smoother for us all.