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3 learning apps that I had been using (LinkedinLearning, Duolingo, Tigerhall) Updated on 3Jan22

Linkedin Learning

At my BCG RISE programme, I was taught quite a bit of content through LinkedIn Learning. I am very impressed with the content, there are so many instructors and a wide variety of courses available. For the programme, we did career-related courses like how to write your resume or answer interview questions. There are also skill-related ones like Microsoft excel skills. The programme gave us free access to Linkedin Learning during the course. It will cost you a certain amount depending on your subscription and the perk will be that you can record any course that you had completed in Linkedin Learning under your Linkedin profile. It will appear under the "License and Certification" tab. 

After I found out how useful this LinkedIn learning is, I got quite concerned about the cease of my access rights after my programme ends in Jan 2022.  I searched around and managed to secure two ways to access Linkedin Learning. However, these two methods will not allow me to update any completed courses to my Linkedin profile so it is really just for the quality content. 

1st method is to find out if you have close friends or family whose companies subscribe and gave Linkedin Learning access to their employees. I am lucky that my husband works in a big IT firm and they do!! As this method requires them to login with their company email, you probably need to be very close with this person for them to trust you with company emails. -.......- 

Update on 3Jan2022, NLB is no longer providing links to LinkedIn learning :( but they had Udemy Business instead. Your individual account is created and after your selection of interest, courses were recommended to you as well. I had personally bought Udemy Courses and though they are not expensive, it may be a good place for you to sample the course before buying the course on your personal Udemy account. Udemy has also worked with SkillsFuture such that some courses can be claimed through your SkillsFuture credit. Once again, I am impressed with this move. SG rocks!
2nd method is for all who have a National Library Board (NLB) account.   NLB actually subscribed to 150 concurrent access with Linkedin Learning accounts. I am not sure if there are peak periods however so far I had been able to access and completed my course through this access.  

Click on this: LinkedIn - How to Login ( 

Click on the "Begin your learning journey" button and it will bring you to the below page. Eventhough they ask for the library card number, key in your mylibrary username and year of birth as pin. 

And Viola!! You are in! 


I had been enjoying my learning of a new language through this app. The animations are pretty and the badges earning is a good form of motivation. To keep you going, there is a streak record that will continue for each day that you completed one game. My progress has been slow as I had been doing just one game per day to maintain my streak. However, the daily task does help me recall and memories the Japanese characters.  

As you complete the game and progress through the levels, eventually you will level up to the legendary level.  After some time, even legendary level badges will cracked, a reminder to get you to recap the content learnt at that badge and there was a point when I was obsessed with restoring all these cracked badges. At the start, it is helpful as I constantly recap on the characters.  However, after a while, I find myself wasting precious time on them and now had to refrain myself from only restoring badges instead of progressing through the other badges.  

Recently I finally reached the level to read stories. The stories were read out in a conversation between the voice actors and there will be quizzes to fill in the blanks or check your comprehension. I really like their content which is authentic and clear to understand. 

Update on 3Jan22: I am still holding on to a streak and am very grateful that the app is allowing me to recognize the Japanese characters. I love to watch Japanhour shows on TV and interpret the phrases and questions used in the show. 


This is the latest app that I had been trying out. I am a strong auditory learner and love to consume podcasts.  Tigerhall provides learning materials for working professionals to upgrade on leadership, productivity or to be inspired.  The content comes in reads, podcasts and videos and is generated by real-world top leaders and practitioners so you feel really legit when you are listening to the CEO of google sharing with you insights or his working style. I am really intrigued but I have not ventured past the free content. 

I like their profiling questions which are unique and fun to answer and in the end, they gave recommendations based on your profiling. I like their concept of learning from other leaders as I do not think such opportunities are that easy to gain. Not all of us have such a wide network so it is interesting to be able to listen to recordings of bosses from big companies. 

Update on 3Jan22: I did not really use this app in the end as it was mainly about management or leadership strategies content. I should probably give it another go in 2022. I will update if my opinions change. 

If you have any learning app that you have a lot of use of, do comment and share with me too!