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Career aspirations (1) of the two 2 M at 2021

I had two daughters, Big M (6yr old) and small M(4yr old).  Big M learnt a dance in school to perform via zoom to a group of elderly. It is a nice initiative and she informed me that she needed to review the moves and her teacher went on to ask them if they have any questions for the doctors after the dance.  I am not sure how this comes about as she couldn't recall the question she asked either. I went on to have this conversation with them.
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Me: So what do you want to be when you grow up?
Big M: I want to be a teacher.
Me: Oh why? Is it cos you want to be like your teacher in your class?
Big M: No. It is cos I want to be like you. I want to be a teacher like you. I know you are a teacher and you teach me at home too.
Me: Oh. (I was a teacher after all.) If you really do like to be a teacher, mommy will support you. :) 
Me: So, how about you, small M, do you want to be when you grow up?
Small M: Yeah I want to be a doctor. 
Me: Why do you want to be a doctor? 
Small M: Me and my friend act as doctors in class every day.
Me: Ok, so what do doctors do?
Small M: We take temperature of each other and then if really sick, then we will give injection. 
Me: Do you think you want to be a doctor next time?
Small M: Yes. Because being a doctor is so fun.
(I did not continue the conversation that doctors have to deal with blood and more... )
I hope to have this career aspiration talk with them every few years and document how their career choice change over the years and what drives the change or their interest.  

Currently, now, the girls have very distinct interests.
Big M: Drawing, colouring, crafting (she learnt to play with boxes and toilet rolls from my recycling corner), building lego structures (she can follow the instruction manual and construct the regular size lego without much guidance by us), dancing (she is quite good at memorizing her steps).
Small M: Cooking (she like to help us and I let her cut cucumber with a plastic butter knife, she also observe us from a corner in the kitchen whenever we prep for lunch or dinner), singing (she becomes quite muted and serious as she tried to sing the entire songs, becoming really soft for parts she is unsure of.), role playing (she loves to act as the teacher and sing the rhyme she learnt in school).