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My attempt (2) at learning a coding language in my mid 30s

This is the second compilation of my python language learning.  -Use the "\n" in a print command for next line printing  eg1. print ("First line \nSecond line") give First line Second line It does not work with \n though. I get First line \nSecond line when I changed the slash direction.  -Use the \t to create a tab. -\' and \" to show the ' or " without python thinking it is part of the open of a string and to use \\ to print a \.   -Indentation. Python is really particular about indentation. A code within the IF ELSE loop have to be indented else it will run into errors.  The good thing is usually this is reflected at the error message and can be easily rectified.   -Iterative loop: For and While The for loop will run for a set "n" of times as long as the condition is satisfied but the while loop will run until the condition is satisfied.   eg2. x = 0 for x in range(2,7): print(x) This will print 2,3,4,5,6 and stop at it has run throug

Career aspirations (1) of the two 2 M at 2021

I had two daughters, Big M (6yr old) and small M(4yr old).  Big M learnt a dance in school to perform via zoom to a group of elderly. It is a nice initiative and she informed me that she needed to review the moves and her teacher went on to ask them if they have any questions for the doctors after the dance.  I am not sure how this comes about as she couldn't recall the question she asked either. I went on to have this conversation with them. Jobs Vectors by Vecteezy ----------------------------------------------------- Me: So what do you want to be when you grow up? Big M: I want to be a teacher. Me: Oh why? Is it cos you want to be like your teacher in your class? Big M: No. It is cos I want to be like you. I want to be a teacher like you. I know you are a teacher and you teach me at home too. Me: Oh. (I was a teacher after all.) If you really do like to be a teacher, mommy will support you. :)  ------------------------------------------------------ Me: So, how about you, small M

My attempt (1) at learning a coding language in my mid 30s

I have always liked the idea of knowing a coding language.  It makes me feel geeky and since most people will immediately sideline coding as a scary thing to learn, I feel the adrenaline rush to learn it.  During my university days, I took a minor where I learnt the Java language. It was not easy at all.  I did not have a hidden talent for computing and I spent many hours just reading discussion forums to find the solution that I need.   Luckily the experience did not haunt me into giving up on coding. I am happy that I complete the course and challenged myself.   Did I continue to practice Java coding? Well, I did not.  My job as a secondary school science teacher did not need that. I merely taught my students Scratch as part of their applied learning programme, which required only my basic understanding of the coding principle.  This year 2021, I read about data analytic, the trending job. I read about the job scope, the expectations of the job, watch youtube videos on how to land a

Jobs that does not exist before COVID-19

I wrote in my previous post about the book "Hard at Work" that share insights on the different jobs in Singapore.  However, those interviews were made in 2014 - 2017, a period of time that was not that long ago but also seem like another time zone. From 2020, wearing a mask when you are out in the public and working from home is the new normal. I believe the situation of those jobs that were already facing difficulty, such as the camera shop owner, is made worst due to the COVID situation.   Though this is definitely a very serious and sad situation for those jobs experiencing hardship.  I would like to be an opportunist in this post to look at the specific jobs created due to the COVID-19.  Crowd control measure 1) Temperature screeners Salary: $8-12/hr  To ensure only healthy folks are entering and exiting places, we had temperature screeners at the entry points. They also double to check if people had done their safe entry check-in and check-out.  At the start of the covid