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So, What do you know about yourself?

(Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash)

I am a libra so...

When I was younger, I was sucked into the world of astrology and blood types.  I would read and analyse every single detail of my star sign's strengths and weaknesses, agreeing or disagreeing with the points.  I was especially absorbed in the compatibility between different star signs.  So once I found the birth date of my crush, I would read up on whether it would be a forever kind of pairing.  If not, then what are challenges to expect and how to counter them.   

In my teens, I would pore over the astrology forecast in the newspaper everyday.  All these in the hope to see a glimspe of what is to come and hopefully be prepared for it.  However, I soon realise that the comment was very generic and I stopped following that segment totally.

As I looked back, this was my attempt to know more about myself and others around me.  A layman kind of psychology.  

However you may realise that even if you have the same star sign as another friend, both of you will respond very differently to the same situation.  Thus star signs are really too generic to be considered as accurate.

Myers Briggs personality types

Next I got absorbed into personality tests.  You answer a series of questions to obtain your personality type.  There are in total of 16 different personality types in the Myer Briggs model.  For the final result to be accurate, you need to be truthful and click on the first answer of your choice with the least thinking.  I personally recommend 16personality as the questions asked was more unique and their analysis is very comprehensive.   

It has shown that your personality can change due to a life-changing event.  Eg. a promotion to a managerial position since there are different requirements and expectations.  My work personality was more extroverted as I worked with many individuals. However as I took a break this year from work, my results reflected my introverted nature.  

What do you with this information then?

Learning about ourselves is a life-long process of many reflections.  
  • Reading about my personality allowed me to reflect a lot more.  
  • It allowed me to take stock of what had changed and my priorities in the current stage of my life.
  • It give me piece of mind to acknowledge my uniqueness with the clear description of your strength and weakness.  With 16personality, I agreed very closely with their analysis. 
  • It brings to my attention my weakness to work on or my strength to build on.   
  • As I am between jobs, it gives me a point to research on different careers if the job nature will align with my personality.  
Overall, all these test are useful tools to gather information about yourself. However the most important exercise to knowing more about yourself is reflection.  Information gathered will never be useful unless you had taken time to understand its implication on you, how your behavior affects your mood and your health.    

With that I urged you to do the test and find out more about yourself! Improve on your strengths and weaknesses!  Gain an understanding on how to interact with the different personality type in your daily life!