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Beginner friendly crochet projects that you should try today!

When I first got into this hobby, I would walk into bookshops and check out all the books on crochet.  I bought a few books with beautiful designs on the cover.  Reality struck when I gave up working with the suggeted thin yarn and the top looked weird on me since I had a different body shape as the model.  :(  

Nowadays, I just stick to reading the books in the library. Truth be told, we usually do not make every single item in the book.    

So here is a list of 5 household items that are beginner-friendly and allowed you to practice your crochet along the way. 

[Disclaimer: I donot own any of the patterns and these are merely my curated list of beginner-friendly crochet items.  Make sure you follow the guidelines from the pattern owner if you intend to merchandize anything.]

1. Dishcloth

Skills you get to practice: yarn selection, repeating stitch to form a square, create border, changing colour (optional)

Dishcloths are usually made with 100% cotton yarn for absorbency of liquid. Though you may find it a waste to crochet something, only to dirty it. I personally find it very satisfying to make something that I can use daily.  These will make beautiful housewarming gifts and look great as part of the beautiful food pics or gathering photos. 

[Click on the name of the pattern owner to get the pattern instructions]

You can even practice colour changing by alternating your yarn colours.  
I like to make little dishcloth squares to practice new stitches or try out new yarns. 

2.Dish scrubby 

Skills you get to practice: yarn selection, textured stitch (front post and back post crochet in this pattern), changing colour (optional)

This is similar to the dish cloth except that you change the cotton yarn to scratchy acrylic yarn.  Get those cheap scratchy acrylic yarn from daiso, recycle those raffia strings lying around or even make your own plastic bag yarns to upcycle the 3249032 plastic bags you have. 

(Pic from Joselle Bannie)
[Click on the name of the pattern owner to get the pattern instructions]

3. Stash baskets

Skills you get to practice: yarn selection, working in round.

(Pic taken from Yarnspiration)
[Click on the link to get the pattern instructions]

These baskets are soft but sturdy enough to hold objects or clothes from the wash without scratching them.  The best part is if they are dirty, they can be thrown into the wash too.  Make a set of matching colors or a different color for each member of your household. 

4. Water bottle holder

Skills you get to practice: yarn selection, working in a ring

I love my arctic thermal flask, they keep my drinks cold and provide some relief from the sunny Singapore However it is not easy to bring it around given its size. Crochet a water bottle holder! Problem solved!

(Pic from Elizabeth Arundel)
[Click on the name of the pattern owner to get the pattern instructions]

The usual problem with crochet straps are how it can become stretched when you add in a heavy waterbottle.  So make sure to account for that with the yarn selection (yarn material with less stretch) and shorter strap length.  

5. Netted produce bags

Skills you get to practice: yarn selection, magic loop, stitch markers usage

(Pic from Janine Paris)
[Click on the name of the pattern owner to get the pattern instructions]

With the dine in restrictions in Singapore, I find myself cooking my meals at home very often and I like to store my garlic in netted produce bags like these.  They are strong, and looks pretty when I hang them in the kitchen.  The holey design allows air flow and prevent produce from becoming mouldy. 
To size up or down, increase or decrease the number of rounds.  To make the holes smaller, you can reduce the number of chains.  You can definitely reduce the size by using a thinner yarn to make a more delicate bag however it will take a long time to become a useable size.  So this option is really up to you.

So there, I rounded up five useful home items that you can make while practicing your crochet skills.  I hope you can see how in each item you will learn something and also that in crochet, even if you are doing the same pattern and yarn, you are still learning about yourself! Treat every project as a learning experience. ^^ Till next week!