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How I started working out every day (almost) for 5 months and counting! [Updated]

 One of my core value this year is to feel "healthy".  Setting a feeling to achieve for the year is said to be an easier way than setting a new year resolution.  As through a feeling, there more ways for that to happen.  I can eat more cleanly and exercise more regularly, even setting up more self-care time.

To exercise more regularly, I believe following an instructional video takes the least effort since I don't have to think about what to do, how many reps to do and the best thing is you get to choose the length of your workout.  Feeling guilty about the meal yesterday, pick a 45mins workout while even 15mins is great for a sluggish day.  You will feel good that you maintained a streak of working out days!

That got me started on playing youtube on my TV and exercising with them. There are so many YouTubers and I had also read reviews on who to start from. Ranking from intensity: Emi Wong, Chloe Ting with Pamela Reif being the most "xiong".  I had linked one of their youtube videos so you can jump to them straight away.  I actually jumped to Pamela after watching reviews about her and immediately love her though I can hardly complete her videos alongside her.  But but but she is so pretty~~~~ Eye candy make those thigh burns slightly better to bear right?  

I liked how these are free and effective.  You can watch the numerous review youtube videos of the exercise programmes.

As I got used to exercising through my TV, I found out about alomoves.  It is not free, but then at $199 usd for a year, so around $22 sgd per month.  I reasoned that is way cheaper than the yoga classes I used to sign up for at the studios.  There is also more disruption when studios had to close due to community cases and live lessons will take place on zoom.  Of course, to maximize my money spent, I shared my account with my family members and exercise almost every day.

Alomove has similar benefits in that you get to choose the time duration, intensity and instructors.  I basically search for all videos by a single instructor when I fall in love with them, namely Briohny Smyth and Ashley Galvin.  So far so good, my arms are definitely more toned and I can follow through most of her intensity 3 workouts without taking breaks on my own. Alomoves run 14 days free trial if you are not sure about their programmes. I checked that you can use my referral link to get 30 days free trial instead of their usual 14 days. So why not?

Recently I had also started on LumiHealth app, you need an apple watch and I use my series 3.  LumiHealth app is a personalised health programme designed by Singapore in partnership with Apple.  It gets info on my exercise rings and rewards me points in the app.  From the app, it wrote there we can earn rewards up to $380 over two years.  So far I have accumulated $26.30 from the app and apparently, I can redeem HPB vouchers for use at NTUC.  This little monetary effort does help me build the habit of working out every day.  If you are going to try out Lumi, do click on this link so that we can both get bonus points!

To summarise, commit to the feeling of healthy. Find an exercise programme of least resistance, put out your exercise mat in front of your TV and viola. Find an accountability tool to clock your exercise habit like the LumiHealth or go old school with a calendar and star stickers!

Personal note: This is my first blog post and it took me 2hrs. 


Update on 27 Sep 2021

I looked back at my first post and it had been 5 months since.

Exercise is a daily routine now and I work out 6 days per week. I am a morning kind of person. I would wake up early like 6.30am in order to squeeze in 30mins of exercise and in order to have time to prep my girls for school and myself for group meetings (I enrolled in SG united programme RISE) that sometimes start at 8am. 

I was unable to do a workout in the evening, the idea that I need to take note of what time I am going to work out and take note to not eat anything before is really hard for me to follow. Thus I had given up that thought. I know myself too well.  I suppose to make it work, you need to find a slot of time with the least resistance.

Nothing much had changed, I still use instructional videos however I don't use youtube anymore.  I had moved on to try out other teachers as well as other forms of workouts like pilates, HIIT and barre in Alomove. I still stick to yoga most of the time.  

I continue to track my workout completion via my apple watch and I was able to clock the points in my Lumihealth app. As of now, I had redeemed a total of $85 in all. It is not a lot but it was worth the thrill knowing that you get rewards for completing your rings.