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The art of yarn labels

 In my last post, I shared the materials you need to get started on crochet.  Today I will introduce you to the yarn labels.  As a beginner, it is useful to read them for your yarn selection. There is the name of the yarn.  This allowed you to search for yarn projects that use this yarn specifically.  It allows you to see what other people made using this yarn and how the finished product looked like on  (Ravelry is a knitting and crochet community where you can post your masterpieces, get inspired by other people's work, search for patterns, buy patterns and yarn.)  The weight of the yarn. Yarn are usually worn in balls or in sold in skeins.  The patterns will state how many grams of yarn are needed for the garment and you can use this information to gauge how many balls of yarn you need for your size.   The country it is made. It is always good to know where the yarn are from.    The composition of the yarn and the material of the yarn. I like merino however it is ex

Which is an easier hobby to pick up? Crochet or Knitting?

I found the answer to this question 6 years ago. I had worked as a teacher for several years and I was still living with my parents.  I would say life got a little straightforward.  At this point, most people pick up new hobbies. I am into art & craft, however, I was not good at painting and most art crafts require equipment or the use of expensive materials.  So as I wandered in Daiso, all these hooks and yarn balls that only cost $2 each really pique my interest.   So after 6 years into it, I will stand by crocheting. I had tried knitting once or twice and really envied people who knit so well but alas it is still not for me.   What is the difference between crochet and knitting? The crochet and knitting community really hate it when people mix this up.  Maybe cos it is so easy for us to tell them apart while the clothing brands constantly get their labels wrong. Argh~ Both techniques using a ball of yarn to make stitches which can form pieces of garment or small items.  Knitting

I tried Intermittent Fasting (IF) for 5 months [Updated on 4 Oct]

There are many posts on Intermittent Fasting, I am definitely not the expert and in fact, this is probably an old fad already. Intermittent Fast is an eating pattern where a person fasts for a period of time and only eat for a smaller number of hours.  For eg, I was on the 16/8, fasting for 16 hours (8pm to next day 12pm) and eat for 8 hours (lunch at 12pm and finish my dinner by 8pm).  There were studies that fasting for a long period of time allowed our body to rest from digestion (which consumes a lot of resources) and focus on repairing the body.   I embarked on it for the two benefits below (taken from  10 Intermittent Fasting Benefits: Weight Loss, Cell Repair & More ( ): 1. Recovery of hormones functions. I had eczema on my hands after my pregnancy, my skins become smooth when nearing my period then became dry and peeling after my period.  It used to crack which takes a long time to recover.  I have a strong feeling my eczema is due to my hormones however I ne

How I started working out every day (almost) for 5 months and counting! [Updated]

 One of my core value this year is to feel "healthy".  Setting a feeling to achieve for the year is said to be an easier way than setting a new year resolution.  As through a feeling, there more ways for that to happen.  I can eat more cleanly and exercise more regularly, even setting up more self-care time. To exercise more regularly, I believe following an instructional video takes the least effort since I don't have to think about what to do, how many reps to do and the best thing is you get to choose the length of your workout.  Feeling guilty about the meal yesterday, pick a 45mins workout while even 15mins is great for a sluggish day.  You will feel good that you maintained a streak of working out days! That got me started on playing youtube on my TV and exercising with them. There are so many YouTubers and I had also read reviews on who to start from. Ranking from intensity: Emi Wong , Chloe Ting with Pamela Reif being the most "xiong".  I had linked on